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Mar09 - Film Noir (B&W & Sepia) 12 01-Apr-09

Voting lasts for 10 days from the close of the competition...
Submissions ended: Wed, 01-Apr-2009
Voting closes: Sat, 11-Apr-2009
Voting now closed
Submissions now closed

Date: 06-Jan-09 16:40
New comp: Mar09 - Film Noir (B&W & Sepia)

*** All photos must be taken during the month of MAR 2009... *** - Theme chosen by Cameron Brunton. (Thanks!)

Remeber, whilst this is for fun, this is a PHOTOGRAPHIC competition, the judging of photos should be based on the merit of the photo, the composition, framing, subject matter etc, the theme is there to provide a guide, inspiration and a challenge.

These are our rules, if you want to join in, feel free, just try to stick to these rules as a guide...

  • Primarily, this is a photographic competition, it's not a competition to see who can fit the theme, it's a competition to see who can create the best photograph.
  • Entries close end of this month (NZ time).
  • All photos should be relevant to the topic
  • All photos should be taken for the competition, not from older images
  • All photos must be submitted before the deadline, submissions will not be possible after the submissions close
  • You may use a computer to fairly adjust your photos, you may change colour balance / brightness / saturation / tone balance etc, you may use masking to do the above, you may re-crop your image, no hue shifts or generation of image detail apart from those permitted above.
  • You may not use your computer to merge images together, or apply effects to your photo; ie: no motion blur etc...
  • Limit yourself to a max of 2 photo entries, you may have to choose, be selective. :)
  • Editors reserves the right to remove any entries which in our opinions aren't proper entries.

    There are no prizes (yet).

    There are no sponsors (yet). Thanks none the less to WEBDES.CO.NZ Ltd for running this for us. :)

    Good luck, have fun, invite your friends to contribute / vote..

    Date: 01-Mar-09 19:11
    What is FILM NOIR??

    CW: Ok, I didn't know so I did a bit of research for us all... - I've included useful clips below....

    A film / movie characterized by low-key lighting, a bleak urban setting, and corrupt, cynical or desperate characters

    Films with a grim, urban setting that deal mainly with dark and violent passions in a downbeat way. Especially associated with American thrillers of the 1940s and early 1950s.

    A French term (literally, 'black film') for a film set in a sordid urban atmosphere that deals with dark passions and violent crimes.




  • Film noir is a loosely defined category that refers primarily to stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize moral ambiguity, sexual motivations and an overall pessimistic tone. The original 1955 definition by Borde and Chaumeton noted a requirement for "oneiric, strange, erotic, ambivalent, and cruel" elements in a film noir. Pappas in 2005 declared film noir to be "the language of losers...always about the same things: Sex. Violence. Money." Decades of debate over what constitutes film noir have resulted in no critical consensus. Thus, the applicability of the term film noir to characterize any given movie is subjective. The term was used neither in the American movie industry nor in American film criticism during most of the 1940s and 1950s, the period when the pictures now regarded as classics of film noir were created. For many films there is substantial difference of opinion on whether or not they should be categorized as noir; notable films from the "classic period" for which this is the case include Casablanca (1942) and the Alfred Hitchcock films Rebecca (1940), Suspicion (1941), and Spellbound (1945).

    "Film noir" originally applied to "certain American detective thrillers that have in common a strange, cruel atmosphere and underlying eroticism." The term was coined by French critic, Nino Frank (in an article for l'Ecran Français in 1946) after Duhamel’s série noire, the French equivalent of the Black Mask detective series created in 1945 and composed almost entirely of translations into French of Anglo-American hard-boiled detective fiction. Film noir described a cinematic phenomenon which was distinctly American but whose origins were largely European. In visual terms, the gothic and expressionist aspects of noir style are basically German. In terms of general atmosphere and thematics also, its sense of claustrophobia and moral decay can be partly traced back to the Kammerspiel drama, which reached its height during the Weimar Republic. Though one can see cinematic precursors of noir-style in certain gangster movies of the thirties, this particular style of film-making began to really make its mark on Hollywood in the early forties, following the arrival of a group of influential German and Eastern European cinéastes who had fled Nazism. Significantly, several came to the States via France (Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang, Robert Siokmak), where they were both a major influence on and influenced by French poetic realism during the late thirties. This important factor is evidenced notably in Fritz Lang’s Scarlett St; a remake of Renoir’s La Chienne (1931). In the ferment of the Hollywood studios, the dark, often tragic European émigré aesthetic became increasingly employed, by European and American filmmakers alike, to express distinctly American themes most often taken from hard-boiled detective fiction. It was films such as Lang’s Scarlett St and Garnett’s The Postman Always Rings Twice that, when subsequently (re-)exported back to France after the Liberation, inspired Frank’s term. Subsequently adopted by other French critics,.1 film noir came to define a particular type of Hollywood studio B film, a brand of cynical crime thriller, filmed in black and white and produced during the 1940s & 50s.

    Date: 06-Mar-09 08:18
    This is a photo i took at the start of this month. It was taken at the Great Fosters in Egham.

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 27-Mar-09 21:34
    A 40's Moll!

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 29-Mar-09 06:43
    Silent witness

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 29-Mar-09 06:44

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 29-Mar-09 06:47

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 29-Mar-09 06:50
    Fanny by gaslight

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Sender: CAMERON BRUNTON <>
    Date: 30-Mar-09 08:19
    Al Capone's Sideboard

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Sender: CAMERON BRUNTON <>
    Date: 30-Mar-09 08:19

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 30-Mar-09 14:26
    Something going down at the docks...

    Click on picture to enlarge

    Date: 31-Mar-09 20:08
    Hidden Behind the Blood

    Click on picture to enlarge

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    Title of photo (keep this short and anonymous)

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    Sorry, photo submissions for this competition are now CLOSED.
    You can still post followups and comments, but may no longer post images into this thread.

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