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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!...  

Briefly; we’re kicking off the photo competition site again and we’re looking for expressions of interest before we go too far with this… Please read on if you’re interested, please unsubscribe if you’re not (if you received this directly as an email from the website, and not forwarded by a friend, then there will be an unsubscribe link on the bottom of this email).

The photo competition site, Art out of focus [] is kicking off again for 2015. It’s been a while (2.5 years), we took a rest in July, 2012  after running monthly competitions for 5.5 years.

With technology changing, huge improvements in compact cameras, and probably more importantly huge improvements in cell phone cameras we felt it was time to kick the site off again. We hope to get some new individuals involved, we would like you to mention this to your friends and forward this email to them if you think they too might like a monthly photographic challenge.

What it’s about:

Art out of Focus, a friendly photo competition website was created by Chris and John, son and father – in law(s), to explore and encourage photographic skill development in an informal and friendly manner. Open to all who want to take part. – No membership, no accounts, nothing formal, just a mailing list informing of the challenge, a website to upload your photo entries, and then a week’s worth of ‘voting’ period when we all get to review each other’s contributions and vote on our preference from the other entrants. 


There are some rules, just to make it fair for all.

  1. Normally, photo entries must be taken during that month, you can’t refer back to old libraries of photos, there’s commonly a limit of two photos per participant.
  2. Nothing major in the way of photo editing is allowed, only those kinds of effects which could have been achieved within a traditional development process are allowed. (Contrast, Brightness, Colour balance, overall cropping etc, nothing more.)
  3. If you submit a photo you’re expected to vote; you cannot vote for your own photos. Others may vote too, only one vote per individual.
  4. There are two voting categories, best photo and best for theme. – This provides two, focussed and different methods of voting.

There's more information about this whole thing available on the site: here. You can see a small selection of some of the best photos from the previous 5.5 year running history of the site on the homepage (here).

So, what’s the plan from here?:

We stopped this in July 2012 because regular interest had dropped off and we were only getting small number of regular entries. We need around 8 or more regular participants in order to make this work well. The more the merrier and we are seeking that minimum level of interest (8 or more) in order to keep this going…  

We will likely need from fresh blood in order for us to make this work; so please do forward this email on to other friends who might be interested in joining us. – It does not take a flash camera, or years of experience to join in and have fun, you can do this with a cellphone camera, cellphone pictures have won in the past!

So, we’re going to kick this off in a way, asking for expressions of interest by requesting that you upload one of your best photos from the last 2.5 years, since July 2012 into an open themed competition. We’ll leave this first one open for entries until 10th January when, if we get 8 or more people submitting entries, we’ll create a new theme and run our first new competition for 2015 from 10th Jan until 31st Jan, then we’ll fall into our normal monthly routine from there.

A link to this interim competition can be found here…

If you’re interested in taking part regularly, but can’t post to this interim set; please let me know by reply email to 

If we get this off the ground and running regularly again then I’ll reset the running score boards once we get three or so months in. – It will become a fresh start from the first competition in Jan, 2015.

Thanks, hope you are well and all the best for the holiday period! All the best,


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