General competition rules

Hi, these are our rules, if you want to join in, feel free, just try to stick to these rules as a guide...

  • All photos should be relevant to the topic
  • All photos should be taken for the compeition, not from older images
  • All photos must be submitted before the deadline, submissions will not be possible after the submissions close
  • You may use a computer to fairly touch up your photos, you may change colouration / brightness / saturation / tone balance etc, you may use masking to do the above, you may re-crop your image
  • You may not use your computer to merge images together, or apply effects to change the basis of your photo; ie: no motion blur etc...
  • Limit yourself to a max of 3 photos, 2 if you can.

    There are no prizes (yet).

    There are no sponsors (yet).

    Good luck, have fun, invite your friends to contribute / vote..

  • Rule removed: Do not take photos of other people's art, this is their work, your art should be your photography! :) - This rule was originally in place to prevent people from taking photos of other's work, thinking that their photo was the clever part; we've relaxed this rule now, hoping that people will only present photos which represent some 'work' on their part to improve upon anything they see, to create an altered representation which in itself is the 'art'....

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